Where are SOG Knives Made

SOG knives are one of the most popular names in the market today. These blades are known for their excellent quality and beautiful aesthetics. It isn’t surprising that some of these blades are actually part of collections as many people see SOG knives as a work of art. However – what exactly makes these knives stand out from their competitors? For those who are fascinated with these knives and thinking of buying – following are some information that might prove useful.

The SOG Company

The company was started by Spencer and Gloria Frazer in 1986. The name was actually derived from the Joint Services Special Operations unit or the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam Studies and Observations Group. When shortened, the name is MACV-SOG or simply SOG. This group is known for developing their own knife while in the midst of the war in Vietnam.

Ever since their establishment, the SOG Company worked its way in creating some of the best blade tools in the country. Although fairly slow, the name has worked its way to the top and is currently the provider for some of the most distinguished groups involved in military today.

What Makes the SOG Knife Desirable?

All knives with the name SOG are viewed as incredibly useful and durable. Due to their long standing reputation, the quality of what they produce is no longer put in question. Even more, all their products are guaranteed against any type of defects for life. The only exception here is the Fusion SOG which is covered by a guarantee for one year upon date of purchase.

Even the Philosophy of the company is impressive and reflects their dedication in creating high quality knives. Their goal is to create knives through the use of advanced technology, high-quality materials, imaginative design and top construction. Through these, SOG hopes to bring to life top-caliber products designed to make the life of users easier.

Uses for SOG Knives Today

SOG Knives produce blades for practically everyone. Their niche is within casual outdoor and military personnel. In fact, some SOG knives are being used by the United States Navy SEAL and goes by the official name of Seal 2000. This is the very reason why SOG is popular among collectors. If even the military trusts them to perform wonderfully under pressure, then the knife is surely worth collecting.

Another impressive product produced by SOG is the tactical switchblade. This engineering marvel is only available to military or law enforcement personnel. Still, civilians have the choice between various other SOG blades such as the Tech Bowie. They also produce several multi-tools named the PowerLock, ParaTool and Power Assist.

Where Are they Made?

SOG is a multi-national company which means that their products are available in various parts of the world. Bearing this in mind, the production process is scattered all over different sections of the globe, depending on the situation of the market. Most of their knives are actually made within the United States or at least assembled here. Some blades however – specifically the higher quality ones are made in Japan. Since the technology in this country is impressive, Japanese factories are capable of forging some of the most durable blades in history while using only the best materials the market has to offer.

Lastly, the more affordable tools are being made in China or Taiwan. Note though that cheaper doesn’t mean less durable. The SOG line has always prided itself with their strong products and makes sure that the units coming from Taiwan and China meet their high standards. All the knives are checked for quality before being shipped for sale. Check out the best folding knives.

  • Gene S

    As of late 2014, I don’t think “most” SOG products are made in the U.S. Their A/O folders and Multi-tools are U.S. made. Their high end folders are made in Seki Japan.
    Their lowest priced products are made in China and all of their popular fixed blades are now made in Taiwan. In fact among SOG fans, older vintage Seki Japan ones have become pure collector’s items while the current Taiwan versions are “users”.

    • Michel Jorge Belgraver

      Hearhear! Seki models fetch high prices, it’s the only kind of SOG that I personally collect. Back in those days, the designs felt more sturdy and looked less flashy as well.
      A current Aegis would be my carry knife, but I have no Idea where it is made. Parts from Taiwan, aassembled in USA? Fully made in USA? The blade has no markings of origin at all, very confusing, these mixed productions…