Pink Pocket Knife

Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter would own a pink knife.

Are you looking for a pink EDC pocket knife? Or just a pink knife that you can use to cut open boxes at work? I know that KnifeUp and many other survival review sites are geared for men but, for this article, I’ll focus on female wants.

There are many knives out there that are colored pink but, simply, some of them won’t stand up to long-term use. Cheap ones will last a few weeks to a few months before they’ll fall apart. Do yourself a favor and invest in a mid-level knife that’ll last for a few years. It’ll be sharper, easier to use, and, most importantly, safer. A dull blade is dangerous–ask any cook.

This guide will discuss the 3 top-selling female pocket knives and make a recommendation as to which one you should get. These are all high quality, big brand knives that you can use for ages. If you are going to get a pocket knife for your girlfriend, I’m sure you don’t want to give her crap ;-).

 thumnmail of spiderco native  Kershaw scallion mini  kabar dozier thumbnail
 Name  Native  Scallion  Dozier
 Brand  Spyderco  Kershaw  Ka-Bar
 Blade  Amazing  Good  Good
 Handle  Great  Good  OK
 Lock  Stiff  Good  Good
 Fit  Great  Great  Good
 MSRP  $110  $32  $25
 Amazon  $65  $32  $16

What Makes a Good Pink Pocket Knife?

A good pocket knife must have a good handle, blade, safety lock, and fit.

  • Handle – the handle can be made of wood, metal, plastic, rubber, or anything in between. Good handles offer enough grip that will protect your hand from slipping when wet. A good handle will also give you more control of the blade.
  • Blade – the blade can be made of either stainless steel or carbon steel. Stainless steel is not as tough as carbon steel but it resists rust better. Most pocket knives are made of high carbon stainless steel, this gives you the best of both worlds.
  • Safety Lock – for pocket knives, a lock is the device that keeps the knife in the close position when closed and in the open position when opened. This protects the user from having the knife pop open in her pocket. This also protects the user from having the knife close into their hand during use. The lock should be stiff but not too stiff where you will need two hands to open it. Most knives come very stiff and will loosen up after a few weeks of use.
  • Fit – you would want a knife that fits well in your hands. A knife too large will be dangerous as you can slip and cut yourself. A knife too small will give you less precision. Female knives are usually smaller than male knives. All the knives here are quite small and light.

The Native by Spyderco

Spyderco native with rope tied to handle

Colorful modification of Spyderco Native

This knife rocks. Spyderco is a knife maker that has been around since the 70’s and is based the next town over from me — Golden, Colorado. It is one of the top pocket knife brands in my opinion. Spyderco produces top of the line knives that are designed for easy of use, reliability, and durability. The Native is no exception to this.

The biggest feature about the Native is that it uses CPM S30V steel. S30V is a special type of steel that is highly resistant to rust and yet very, very hard. The stainless steel contains Vanadium, an element that gives it additional hardness. The steel is also heat treated so that the carbon atoms are aligned more tightly than normal stainless steel. S30V is mostly used on high end knives such as thosed made by custom knife makers and bench made producers. You won’t find any other knife in the Native’s price range that has S30V steel and most knives with S30V cost twice as much as the Native.

close view of two spyderco natives

The Spyderco Native is a beautiful knife

To offset the expensive steel, Spyderco used rivets to hold the knife together instead of screws. This saved them production time but it also means you can’t adjust the knife or disassemble it for cleaning. However, this might actually be a benefit if the person you are buying the knife for won’t take proper care of the knife. Without having screws, the knife will never fall apart and, since the steel is rust resistant, you can clean it by simply rinsing it under water.

The blade is very thick and this instantly gives you a “this thing is a monster” feeling even thought it is only 3 inches. In addition to that, blade’s thick back gives you a good thumb rest if you need to have more control. The fiberglass reinforced handle is great. It looks flimsy but, after using it, you’ll realize that the fiberglass is really strong and, since it is made with fiberglass, the knife itself is very light. This makes the knife a perfect EDC knife.

Some reviewers online complained about the lock being too stiff. They can not adjust the stiffness since the knife is riveted together and not screwed together. However, after a few days of using the knife, your hand will get used to it and you can easily flip it without much work. This knife is ambidextrous as well.

Most reviewers online love this product. It has 4.5 stars on Amazon and most people noted that this knife is their go to EDC knife. This knife sells for $91 at BladeShop but you can purchase it on Amazon for $63.

Kershaw Scallion Pink Pocket Knife

midleve kershaw scallion pink

Great mid-level knife

Kershaw is an Oregon based knife maker who has been in operation since the 70’s. They produce higher end kitchen and survival knives under a different brand but the Kershaw name is still a great brand for the average consumer.

The Scallion is a small EDC knife designed to last. It uses 420HC steel–which is nowhere as good as the S30V reviewed earlier but it isn’t bad either–that is rust resistant and hard. You won’t have to sharpen the knife a lot with 420HC.

The blade comes razor sharp right out of the box and the handle is very grippe and strong. The blade is not as thick as the last model but it still works very well. The locking mechanism is very sturdy and it won’t open up in your pocket. You can easily operate this knife with one hand. Left handers will enjoy that it is ambidextrous.

This knife received 5 stars on Amazon. Most reviewers stated how it is a very good knife that has lasted them for years. The knife is made in the USA and, at this price point, is very satisfying for the money. You can find it for around $30.

Ka-Bar Dozier Pocket Knife

kabar pink pocket knife

The Dozier is a great $20 knife

Ka-bar is a brand I review here a lot. The company makes great knives at very great prices. Ka-bar has been trusted by the military since WWII and some of their WWII designs are still used today.

The Dozier is designed to be a small EDC knife that is in the $20 price range. It features all the things you would want in a knife without the fluff that’ll increase the price 3-4 times more.

For example, the Dozier uses Aus BA stainless steel. This isn’t the best steel like the Spyderco S30V but it isn’t bad either. It’ll hold it’s edge for a long time and it’ll resist rusting.

Another thing about the Dozier is that the handle is rather flat on the sides. It isn’t shaped and curved like other knives but, hey, it is only $20 and the flatness doesn’t really detract from the knife’s cutting abilities.

The Dozier has a wide blade and can be opened with one hand. This is yet another ambidextrous knife. Some reviewers complained that the lock was stuff upon first arrival but, after a few week of use, it will loosen up.

Conclusion and Knife recommendation

So, out of all 3 knives, which one should you get if you are looking for a pink pocket knife? (Or, which one should you buy for your girlfriend?).

Seriously, all three knives are very good options. If you want to give her the best knife ever with insanely good steel that she can use for years without having to maintain, the Spyderco Native is your go to knife. With its riveted design, S30V steel, and durability, you can abuse that knife day in and day out without maintaing it and it’ll still perform as good as when you first got it.

The Ka-Bar and Kershaw are tied for second place. At around half the price of the Native, these knives are a very good choice for a hobbiest. They have insanely sharp blades that will last but lack the detailing that the Native has. You can view these knives as the Fords and Chevies of the knife world whereas the Native is the BMW.

That’s all folks. I hope you have good luck finding a good pink knife. If you have any comment, write them in the box bellow. You might also love my guide on the best pocket knife (of any color). People who go outdoors a lot usually pair a pocket knife with a machete, hatchet, or some other large cutting tool. This is because you can’t make shelter with just a survival knife easily.


  1. Sorry fella….but pink in a pocket knife?????not for me…. blue,green, yellow , orange any color other than pink..

  2. You know how you can “focus on female wants”? By not assuming that you know what females want. If my boyfriend bought me a pink knife, I’d throw it right back at him and tell him to get me a real knife. The only thing a pink knife is good for is letting everyone else around you know that you’re a sissy woman who can’t handle a real knife, and has to have it dressed up all fancy to suit her delicate feminine nature. If that Spyderco Native is such a great knife, don’t detract from its worth by coloring it pink.

  3. I personally think that a pink pocket knife is brilliant. I do farm work on a daily basis and I have a pink knife. Knives should be personalized to the wielders preferences, and I like girly things; I always have. Pink doesn’t necessarily imply a level of wimpiness, the woman who uses the knife does. Obviously a woman who is going to go hunting and needs a knife to gut a deer is not going to have a pink knife, but to have a casual one for simple tasks is nice.

  4. Well the special lady in my life is taking a liking to knives. I guess my knife collecting hobby has been rubbing off on her. For a while she would covet a few of my liner lock and lockback folders but would then say, “… If they sold this knife in pink or purple I’d carry it.” She’s very feminine woman. Black G10 handles or walnut stained scales on a knife don’t go with pretty women and it sure doesn’t make them feel like a girl. After much searching I’ve been finding there are very few knives out there really geared toward women. It’s the same with guns. I settled on getting her a Buck Bantam 284 in the pink camo. She loves it and that’s what she’s been carrying most days. I also got her another folder that she absolutely loves by Elk Ridge knives. Good value for the money.

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