Survival Tools List – What You Need in Case of Disaster

Like it or not, natural disasters happen. Although it’s possible to predict where and when, this doesn’t negate the extent of their damage at all. This is why individuals are advised not to wait for an announcement before setting up a survival tool kit in order to get through the situation. As early as now, people should devise a survival tools list to be prepared for any eventuality. That being said, following are the different tools that must be part of every kit.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is incredibly versatile, making it a perfect addition for a survival tools list. It can be used to keep things in place, help board up windows and more.


Two or three knives in the list can be helpful to address several problems. Make sure that the knife is sharpened and is durable; with a cover to hide the blade.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit may need an article all of its own due to the extent of what it contains. Typically, the kit should include bandages, basic medicines and some antiseptic to clean wounds. People with specific health problems should customize their kit to meet their own health requirements.

Communication Tools and Extra Batteries

The radio must be run by batteries so that it can still be used even with a power shortage. An extra set of batteries or even two of them will help largely as survivors wait it out. Your mobile phone would also work wonderfully, especially if it comes with an in-built radio.

Flashlights and Batteries

A couple of flashlights will work wonders in providing visual help at nighttime. Again, an extra set of batteries should be set aside in case the first one runs out.


One never knows when a good rope might come in handy. This is for situations when duct tape might not be able to handle the job.

Fire Starter

What if there’s a need to cook something? Although most survival kits contain canned food, there are instances when fire is needed to cook items and keep people warm. Either way, a fire starter would be a great way to cover both needs, plus it helps save the batteries.

Can Opener

Since the length of natural disasters may last several days or even a week, it’s only natural to pack mostly canned and instant goods for the ordeal. This means packing a can opener as well to make the process easier. Of course, this kind of job can also be accomplished with a knife.

Multi Tool

Why bring the whole tool kit when a multi tool would do as well? This may contain pliers, screwdrivers; saw blades, bottle openers and more. They’re light and compact which makes them perfect for emergency situations.

Water Treatment

Prior to an emergency situation, there are the top two things every survivor must always have: food and water. Of the two, water is the more important one. Humans can survive for weeks without food but only a few days without water. Hence, always make sure that the kit contains a portable water filter that would turn water into something drinkable. This is just in case the stock water meant for drinking runs out.

Large Knives

A pocket knife may not always be useful for large jobs such as taking down doors after being trapped in a hurricane. A machete would work wonders as well as an axe for situations like this. They’re fairly big and hard to carry around but they’re worth it.

Of course, this survival tools list is still incomplete. Individuals have the option of adding more items in the list depending on their anticipated situation. Keep in mind that this is something that should be thought of before an emergency happens. This way, individuals would be able to create something that covers everything.

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