Florida Knife Laws Explained

Florida has one of the most vague concealed carry knife laws of all 50 states. This means that you must read case precedence to see what is legal and what is not. Don’t worry, we did all the hard work for you. Below is what Florida law says about knives in everyday English. It includes excerpts from the law as well as case decisions.

What is Legal to Own

  • Balisong knives are legal.
  • Belt knives, cane knives, and other disguised knives are legal.
  • Bowie knives and other large knives are legal.
  • Throwing stars and throwing knives are legal.
  • Undetectable knives (knives that will not set off metal detectors) are legal.
  • Ballistic knives are illegal.

The law does not limit individuals from owning, selling, or buying any knife except for ballistic knives.

Limits on Carry

  • You can open carry any knife.
  • Box cutters, multi-tools, and other work knives are legal to carry concealed.
  • In most cases, conceal carry of a common pocket knife with a blade of less than 4 inches is legal.
  • Anything outside of this has not been expressly banned or allowed.

What the Law Says

Fla. Stat. § 790.01 (2012)

§ 790.01.  Carrying concealed weapons

[A] person who carries a concealed weapon […] on or about his or her person commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

“Concealed weapon” means any dirk, metallic knuckles, slungshot, billie, tear gas gun, chemical weapon or device, or other deadly weapon carried on or about a person in such a manner as to conceal the weapon from the ordinary sight of another person.

“Weapon” means any dirk, knife, metallic knuckles, slungshot, billie, tear gas gun, chemical weapon or device, or other deadly weapon except a firearm or a common pocketknife, plastic knife, or blunt-bladed table knife.

It is a crime to carry a concealed weapon. Concealed weapon means any deadly weapon that is outside of sight of others. Courts have found that deadly weapons are weapons that can cause death or grave bodily harm. So, what kinds of knives counts as deadly weapons? What is a “common pocket knife? Well, the law doesn’t say so it is up to the courts to determine.

The case of Porter vs. State in 2001 found that a pocket knife is a “common pocket knife” only if the blade is less than 4 inches in length and the knife is in the closed position. Police found Porter with a 4 inch folder knife in the open position in her purse. She was arrested for possession of a weapon by a convicted felon and found guilty. She appealed stating that the knife is a common pocket knife but the appeal court turned down her appeal. This means that, if a pocket knife is over 4 inches and in the open position, it is a weapon and excluded from being a “common pocket knife.”

However, if the pocket knife has too many features, it might not be a “common pocket knife.” The case of F.R. vs State in 2012 found that 3 inch pocket knife with serrations, a notch grip, hilt guard, and locking mechanism does not count as a “common pocket knife.” If his knife did not have serrations, a notch grip, hilt guard, and locking mechanism, it might of been a “common pocket knife.”

If the knife was designed for utility and not harm, it is not a deadly weapon. In the case of Holley v. State in 2004, it was found that a box cutter or razor knife does not qualify as a deadly weapon because it was designed for utility not bodily harm.

In addition to the physical characteristics of the knife, the courts also decided that how the knife was used and handled needs to be taken into account as well. In the case of Mims v. State, Mims was found guilty of carrying a concealed weapon for having a pocket knife in his pocket during a robbery.

These cases still do not present that clear of a picture of what type of knife is a weapon and the case of Bell vs. State in 1996 found that it is up to the jury to decide if a knife is a deadly weapon given the definition of a deadly weapon, the knife, and how the knife was used into consideration. Judges can not make the decision.

The case of Hardy vs. State in 1992 found that a knife inside of a vehicle is not concealed if the knife and sheath is visible from the outside. Having a knife in the vehicle usually counts as having a concealed weapon but, if it is visible threw the windows, it is not concealed.

What does this all mean? It means that you should stick to a plain 4 inch pocket knife, multi-tool, or box cutter. Any other type of knife can be illegal.

Ballistic Knife Ban

Fla. Stat. § 790.225 (2012)

§ 790.225.  Ballistic self-propelled knives; unlawful to manufacture, sell, or possess; forfeiture; penalty

(1) It is unlawful for any person to manufacture, display, sell, own, possess, or use a ballistic self-propelled knife which is a device that propels a knifelike blade as a projectile and which physically separates the blade from the device by means of a coil spring, elastic material, or compressed gas. A ballistic self-propelled knife is declared to be a dangerous or deadly weapon and a contraband item. It shall be subject to seizure and shall be disposed of as provided in s. 790.08(1) and (6).

Ballistic knives are also illegal under federal law so it is best to stay away from them.

Conclusion on Florida Knife Laws

For the most part, Florida knife laws are easy. You can own any knife as long as it is not a ballistic knife and, if you keep your knives at home, you should be fine. You can also open carry any knife you want. You can conceal carry any box cutter, multi-tool, or 4 inch pocket knife. Conceal carry of any other type of knife can or can not be considered carrying a concealed weapon so watch out.

There are also local laws outside of this so look up the laws in your city as well. Most cities in Florida have clearer guidelines on what is legal and illegal than the state law.

If you have a question, post it below. Note that this is not legal advice and I am not an attorney. Talk to an attorney if you are looking for legal advice. If you happen to be an attorney reading this, we are looking for an attorney to do a quick interview about Florida knife laws, please contact us.


  1. Maybe I missed it but what is the status of automatic knives? I Did not see them addressed above.

  2. I am a 15 year old male. I often ride my bike around town and to the grocery store, mall, restaurant, etc. I am considering getting a 3′ Karambit with a folding blade (for defensive and utility purposes, as I often ride down trails). I am also planning on getting a car soon which may increase the need for proper protection. If I carry this in public (closed and clipped onto the inside of my pocket, clip visible from outside of pocket) is it legal? Thanks!

    1. since it has a pocket clip that will show along with any part of the knife that is above the clip your perfectly fine, and if your ever stopped by an officer id stick with sayin its for utility uses. I carry several knives on me at all times and have even open carried a few in busy areas without being stopped.

  3. I am a nationally certified, state licenced emt and I’m also currently enrolled in a Fire Academy, due to the nature of my career field I often Cary a tactical type rescue knife on and off the job. It is assisted opening and has finger/thumb tabs, a window breaker, seat belt cutter and 3 1/2 inch blade. I usually keep it clipped in my pocket. Alot of the time my shirt will cover it if I’m off the job. Will I get into any sort of legal trouble for caring this and if so will explaining my situation to the officer help. Thanks

    1. I think this is covered in main post – just don’t conceal it.
      But in your line of work you’re in contact with LE all the time, just ask a few of them & get their opinion.

  4. You left out the most important part of F.S. Ch. 790.225.

    Switchblades are legal, exempted from the prohibition.

    (2) This section shall not apply to:
    (a) Any device from which a knifelike blade opens, where such blade remains physically integrated with the device when open.

    I’d say that was a pretty important omission.

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  6. I live in Pensacola I ride on eglin afb reservation on my Kawasaki enduro, not asking about military or base laws, but when I am on the way to eglin on public roads can I open carry making sure my shirt and jacket is behind the sheath fully exposing the knife. More exactly the sog seal team elite. It’s a big knife about size of kabar but more stabby looking. It’s in a kidex sheath the sheath is held by my belt. I go into the middle of nowhere solo, in banjo territory if ya get me, I’m covered in expensive gear, I would look like I have alot to lose, eglin has strict laws about guns on the reservation so I don’t even try to get into that, so I carry this knife strictly for protection, it looks serious even in the sheath, its plain as day on me, hoping folks that see me as prey think again, ive ran into people that had not a dollar to there name out there (bums) and im playing by the rules ill hang out anywhere i want and ill fight to the death before they get my gear that ive worked so hard to get.I am currently carrying this knife every ride. I’ve heard cops opinions on the matter and they say I’m fine but I need the facts.

  7. As a teen, my mentally and physically abusive dad had me arrested after I couldn’t take the abuse anymore and charged him. The cop asked what was in my pocket. I had a 3 inch pocket knife that I used when I helped my dad around the house on the days he didn’t drink and was a decent guy. Cop told me he should also charge me for carrying a concealed weapon, but he “let it slide”. This being in 2000. Managed to get into the Air Force. Found out while deployed, us airmen couldn’t deploy having a pocket knife longer than 2 inches. We were supposed to have been protected by the Army. That didn’t work. Got service connected disabled, went to the Florida VA hospital, got stopped by security but allowed to pass because my multitool pliers I had from service was underneath 3 inches.

  8. Question : I live in Florida & I carry a common pocket knife to school because I go to a very very violent school , & I have it for protection when I walk home , if I get found with it on School Campus Will I be charged ?? Or can I just tell the cop lady at my school it’s under 4 inches (which it is) & she would let it go or will I be charged for bringing it on school campus?? Thanks 👍🏽

    1. You WILL get in very much trouble for bringing any sort of knife to school. Although there are laws in Florida that let you carry a knife. the Student Code of Conduct found in every public school in Florida bans weapons of any type. It doesn’t matter how rough your school is.

    2. No no no no no, no matter what, its illegal to carry any type of knife or blade or weapon at any school

  9. Hi I’m a 15 year old with a rather wide ranged collection of weaponry and I am interested in buying a karambit, I live in Florida of course but am not sure if I myself am allowed to purchase one. Help?

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