Cold Steel True Flight Thrower Review

Throwing knives are cool right? Every kid has at least thought about throwing a knife at someone or something in their life time.  Its a great hobby that tons of people enjoy.   Plus it is at least as safe as skydiving.  No but really it is.  Thanks to Cold Steel and quite a few other companies, we can enjoy throwing knives without going bankrupt in the process.

Today I am going to do an unbiased review on the Cold Steel True Flight Thower.  Although that name does sound cool, for sake of wordiness, I am going to refer to it in this article as the the “True Flight.”

Is The “True Flight” For Me?

This video demonstrates what you can do with your True Flight.

This knife is for the kind of person who enjoys a challenge.   To throw a knife, you need to be willing to put in the practice, patience and be willing to have a good time.  This knife can provide you with hours upon hours of entertainment whether you have been throwing for 20 years or if you just started as soon as your True Flight was delivered in the mail.    Part of the beauty of this knife is you don’t have to throw it if you don’t want.  If you just want a sick knife to carry around with you, it fits that bill too.  If you are rough, tough or you just like cool knives, you would probably enjoy this knife.    If you still are not sure, there are hundreds of reviews on amazon of people who have purchased the True Flight and loved it.  You can check those out here!  True Flight reviews


Is this knife durable?  I personally have worked with this knife and have been very impressed with how durable it is.  My Brothers and I get together to throw knives and one of them always brings his True Flight.   Regardless of the throwing situation, the True Flight is always there.    I have thrown it hundreds of times into all kinds of targets, the knife has never bent, chipped or broken in any way.   I have even thrown the blade accidentally into one of the screws in our target and it sustained no damage, although we did have to replace the screw.

The Blade and Sharpness

The main purpose of a throwing knife is not to have it razor sharp all the time because even the momentum of the knife can stick it in a target, but to have a sharp bladed throwing knife can be great so it can serve multiple purposes.  The blade on the True Flight is made from 1055 carbon steel and the blade is 5 millimeters thick, giving it the durability it needs to be a thrower.  The 1055 Carbon Steel is a very durable steel specifically made to reduce the chance of breakage of blades.  It also has the ability to hold a good edge.

Handling and Grip

The True Flight is 12 inches in length, and 4-4 1/2 of these inches is the handle pre-wrapped in para-cord for increased grip.  The para-cord helps control the release of the knife when it is thrown.  Although if you prefer the metal handle, the para-cord is easy to remove.  Like I said the overall length of the True Flight is 12 inches, and it weighs in at 9.7 ounces.  So its pretty big.  If you have smaller hands you might look into a smaller thrower that is a little smaller and lighter.  Also the True Flight is well balance, increasing your chances of success when throwing it.

Competition of the True Flight

There are a lot of choices concerning throwing knives, but as far as high quality, heavy and long lasting throwers the only competition to it are those in the Cold Steel throwers family.   One competitor is the Cold Steel Perfect Balance Thrower.  It is a little longer than the True Flight but the handle is made out of a composite plastic.  Although composite plastic is used in many products, even ballistic armor, I would personally prefer a steel handle.  The perfect balance thrower has a 9 inch blade and it weighs in at 15.4 ounces.

Technical Specifications

12 inches overall

1055 Carbon Steel Blade

5 millimeter blade thickness

Weighs 9.7 ounces

Para-cord Handle wrap

Durable Cor-Ex Sheath included

Are You Interested?

I have loved throwing this knife.  It’s simple, but at the same time its just perfect.  I buy all my knives online from Amazon.  They are reliable and are able to sell their products for the best price possible. Here is a link to the Amazon True Flight page.  True Flight Thrower   Just don’t wait too long because prices might go up!





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