What is VG-10 Steel?

VG10 steel is a designation used for a very particular type of stainless steel often used in knife blades. The G stands for “gold”, which refers to the “gold standard” that this level of stainless steel is considered to have met. This steel is produced in Japan, and it is the Japanese cutlery market that has traditionally made the most …

SK-5 Steel Guide

Many famous movies depict swashbuckling heroes engage in the finest exhibition of sword fighting, as with steel blade glistening in the morning or evening sun. They take on a formidable enemy armed with just their sword. We are also familiar with Daniel Boone and his prowess with the Bowie knife. What these men all had in common was knowing what …

What O1 Steel Is And How To Work With It

O1 tool steel is a cold work steel and is one of the most forgiving for making knife blades. It’s known as a low alloy steel due to the fact that of the eight additives, the largest additive is Manganese at just 1.2%. The other minerals added are Carbon at 0.95%, Silicon at 0.4%, Chromium at 0.5%, Tungsten at 0.5%, Vanadium …

Vector Marketing Scam | Cutco Knives Scam Review

If you are between the ages of 17 and 24, you might have heard of Vector Marketing. They recruit students between these ages for “$12-20 an hour” summer jobs. Beware, we all know about things that are too good to be true… do you expect to get $12-20 an hour with zero experience? Read on to find the dirt on Vector Marketing.

What is AUS-8A Steel?

If you are shopping for a new knife, you will see that there are tons and tons of steel types on the market. What makes one type of steel better than the other? What is AUS-8a steel and how does it differ from other steels in the market? This post will cover these questions.

The 10 Most Awesome Knives

Some knives are made for utility. Others are made just to be bad ass. In this article, we will talk about those bad ass knives. They might not serve a real purpose (or they might) but, no matter what, they are damn cool.

Lindsey Stone Facebook Photo

On the 21st of November, 2012, the US media exploded about Lindsey Stone (Its Lindsey Stone and not Lindsay Stone) and her Facebook photo. The photo pictured her flicking off and yelling at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Lots of sites feature angry articles and comments about her even though Lindsey Stone did make an apology about her actions. The hurt …

How to Protect your Knife with Loctite 242

Do you have a non-fixed blade knife like a Butterfly or pocket knife? These types of knives are also called folding knives and, unlike fixed blade knives, they have moving compartments. This means that, without proper care (called thread locking), your knife can fall apart after a lot of use. Learn an easy way to protect your knife.

All the Types of Knives Ever Made

There are many types of knives around and it is easy to get lost in the details. This post will give you a good understanding of how knives are organized, how they are used, and which knife should you reach for to do a certain task. Trust me, after you’ve read this post, you will know all about how knives …

Happy 237th Birthday USMC

The 10th of November, 2012, will be the 237th birthday of the United Stated Marine Corps. On the 10th of November, 1775, the Second Continental Congress raised the Marine Corps to serve under the Navy for the Revolutionary War. It was at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia where the first Marines were recruited for service.