Sk-5 High Carbon Steel Blades

There are many forms of steel that knives and tools are made with. The sk-5 high carbon steel blade is of the highest quality for making blades. It is the Japanese equivalent to American 1080. It is hard steel that makes it create high quality blades and tools. Sk5 high carbon steel gives a knife the ability to cut through …

Sandvik 14c28n Steel Review

The sandvik 14c28n steel is ideal for the manufacturing of knife bladess This Steel grade allows for the highest attainable hardness without the compromising of micro-structure integrity. This steel is often used in high end knives by top shelf manufacturers. It is also a good choice for custom knife makers.

How to Remove Rust from Knives

Knives, silverware, pots and pans can all rust if they are made of steel. Don’t worry, the rust is not dangerous and you can still safely use the knife. The only issue with rusted knives is that it is unsightly and can add impurities to your food preparation. Also, if rust is not treated, it can end up making a knife …

The World’s Smallest Knife

In November, 2006, the National Institute of Standards and Technology with help from the University of Colorado, Boulder unveiled the world’s smallest knife: the nanoknife made of nano carbon. In an attempt to produce a series of nano tools such as nano tweezers, nano bearings, and nano oscillators, they have also produced a nanoknife.

The Largest Knife in the World

Did you know that the largest knife in the world is smaller than the largest spoon in the world? Who would of ever known. There are two world records for large knives: the largest utility knife and the largest pocket knife (it doesn’t fit in your pocket however).

What is ATS34 Steel?

Looking for a high quality stainless steel for blade making? ATS 34 may be the end of your quest. An imported Hitachi steel, ATS 34 is a chrome molybdenum alloy that has very small grain size and excellent edge retention.

N690 Steel Properties

The N690 Cobalt Stainless Steel is made in Austria by a company known for making steel that can be made into sharp knives and surgical instruments. This steel is very similar to 440C steel, and it has 1.07% carbon content. N440C steel has a carbon content ranging from .95 – 1.07 percent. The N690 is a high end stainless steel …

1050 Steel Guide

Steel has been used in many different ways on a daily basis. It may be hard to imagine life without it. Basically, steel is made up of carbon and iron. The amount of carbon content, additional alloy elements and the level of impurities determine the properties of a steel grade. Steel is produced in various types according to the required …

What is 420HC Steel Good For?

420HC Steel holds a higher carbon production rate than stainless steel. The content is much softer than the higher number steel count 440, yet it’s more rugged than other similar products. This steel material has a greater carbon base and is mixed to a harder content than 420 stainless steels. Buck Knives are just one of the many products that …

What is SG2 Steel?

The Powder Metallurgy (PM) SG2 steel is also known as SGPS. It is manufactured by a Japanese steel manufacturer that is well known for the steels they make. The SG2 is high carbon content and a high alloy stainless steel. Powder metallurgy improves the alloy significantly. Regardless of the few comments to the contrary, one of the absolutely finest kitchen …