Best Assisted Opening Knives

An assisted opening knife can be defined as a folding knife that has an internal mechanism used to finish or complete the process of opening the blade after it has been partially opened from a closed position by the user through a thumbstud or flipper attached to the blade.

How to Throw a Knife

Knife throwing is an art, a science, and most importantly a passion. Like other skills, there will be those who possess a natural genetic skill and for others the road will be much steeper. Having said that and given enough time to correct any errors in execution virtually anyone can stick a thrown knife regardless of their motive. Knife throwing is …

How to Throw a Bowie Knife

The Bowie knife is a sheath knife with a fixed blade that was made popular by James “Jim” Bowie during the early part of the 19th century. Typically, the Bowie is bigger than the traditional types of knives. Although the Bowie knife is efficient for use in various applications – from hunting, to combat and utility purposes – most designs …

Best American-Made Knives

In this day and age, there are not too many knife brands manufactured in America. Good thing there is Cold Steel, a company that prides itself in the manufacture of high quality knife products for decades now.

Advantages of a Tanto Blade

A blade can be defined simply as the specific portion of a tool, machine, or weapon that has an edge designed to puncture and/or cut, slash, stab, slice, thrust, chop, or scrape the surface of various materials. Blades may be crafted out of a flaking stone such as flint, ceramic, metal (usually steel), or other similar hard and durable materials.

Knife Making Equipment Guide

Making a knife requires a design, proper materials and proper equipment. The right tools will contribute to creating a durable blade and handle. The blade is made from steel by heating process, grinding and cooling. It can be made at home or small warehouse with heavy or homemade equipment. Important machinery needed for more finely detailed knife blades are: a …

Different Grinds and the Use of a Hollow Grinding Jig

Sharpening a knife will require proper grinding equipment to achieve a smooth surfaced blade. The edges of knives are differently shaped, smoothed and styled and are called grinds. This article will discuss the different types of grinds as well as details on the hollow grind jig.

Knives Featured on Dual Survival

Different types of knives are made for different purposes. Survival and tactical knives are intended to be all-purpose, durable and strong. Knives like this are constantly featured in the famous TV series, Dual Survival. The survival show features Dave Canterbury, a survival instructor. Canterbury’s equipment and featured knives are of high quality and considered the best of its kind.

The Ultimate Sheath Making Guide

What is better: Leather or Kydex? This is a question asked by people who are looking to buy a knife sheath for their treasured piece of blade craftsmanship. Because the blade plays a crucial role in improving your knife’s style and functionality, this choice must never be taken lightly. What are the different advantages and disadvantages of both leather and …

Step by Step Guide for Leather Sheath Making

The knife is one of the most versatile tools in the world. Used for everything ranging from everyday tasks to survival purposes, these tools can be found in all shapes and sizes all over the world. One of the most inseparable companions of a trusty knife is a good-quality knife sheath. Not only does it allow safe transportation of the …