The Best Survival Foods of Ever

It is important to prepare for disasters and emergencies by keeping a large supply of survival foods in your home. One of the most common problems in the event of a natural disaster is the low supply of food. This can be because all the roads that lead to the shopping areas are blocked or the grocery stores are running …

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Knives Online?

If you are planning to buy knives online, it is important that you know the best place to buy them. The internet is full of various shops and it is your responsibility to find a seller that is reputable and honest. The best place to buy knives online is from a shop that has already established itself in the market …

Tricks for Getting the Best Long Term Food Storage Possible

Ancient people are known to use different methods of long term food storage to preserve food. Back then, they did not have a fridge where they froze food. They only had to rely on natural resources to store the food and keep them preserved and edible for a long time. It is important that you also learn some useful practices for …

7 Army Jokes That’ll Guarantee to Make You Laugh

Being in the military may not be a laughing matter, but it would surely be a great help to laugh about serious things from time to time. Whether you are in the army or not, you can share army jokes among friends at parties or get-togethers. You do not need to be in the army to understand these jokes as …

List of Abandoned Places in Oregon

Oregon is just south of Canada. It has a total land area of 98,381 square miles. That’s huge! For doomsday preppers, these abandoned locations are perfect for several reasons. This article will focus on finding the perfect abandoned places in Oregon, and utilizing the same for different purposes.

What is the Legality of Sword Canes?

Sword cane legality is a state and municipal issue, rather than a federal one. This means that there are different rules depending on what state you live in and what state you are travelling to (with the cane). There are also various nuances depending on your municipality. This article will discuss the basics of sword cane legality. Basic terms will …

Ceramic Knives vs. Steel Knives

A ceramic knife is made by pressing a tough ceramic powder called zirconium dioxide. The same is then forged or fired via solid state sintering. Next, the cutting surface is honed to a fine edge using a grinding wheel coated with diamond dust. The result is an extremely tough and sharp edge that outperforms steel in terms of sheer cutting …

What a Proper Knife Sharpening Technique Actually Looks Like

This is a no brainer, sharpening a knife means using any one or a couple of techniques for the purpose of keeping the sharpest edge that is dent or ding free. The most basic of knife sharpening techniques is grinding the edge against a hard and rough surface. This is usually a whet stone or sharpening stone.

Where to Buy Discounted Cold Steel Knives

Cold Steel knives are known the world over, especially within the US, Pacific Rim, and in Asia. This is because the company makes premium knives for all sorts of survival situations. High quality means only the best steel forged with cutting edge techniques. The results are knives that can last for a lifetime.

Best Assisted Opening Knives

An assisted opening knife can be defined as a folding knife that has an internal mechanism used to finish or complete the process of opening the blade after it has been partially opened from a closed position by the user through a thumbstud or flipper attached to the blade.