Best Skinning Knife: Tips in Finding One

Selecting the best skinning knife for you depends primarily on the type of hunting that you do, and the type of prey you hunt. Likewise, your personal preferences, the handle style, and the size of the skinning knife, among others, should be considered. This is to make sure that the knife will be comfortable enough for you to handle.

Click on the photo for more details on this awesome knife.

Click on the photo for more details on this awesome knife.

Ideally, the type of skinning knife you must look for is something that is particularly sharp, and will remain sharp for a long time, even after frequent use. The blade must require a minimal amount of sharpening and one that is not too difficult to sharpen whenever necessary. Remember, however, not to wait for the blade to be very dull before sharpening.

It is also important to find a skinning knife that is easy to carry. When you are in the woods or perched on a deer stand, for sure, you do not want to have the additional burden of carrying a very heavy knife, even though you know that it will come in handy once you have made your kill.

Instead, what you need is a knife that you can easily attach to your belt, or keep in your backpack until the time comes when you need to use it. A skinning knife does not need to be particularly heavy to be effective, but just of the right weight.

Considering all these tips, you can start your search for the appropriate knife for you. The K9009KKP Columbia River Knife & Tool (Ken Onion Shakaulu Sinner Fixed Blade Razor Edged Knife) is a great knife that we at KnifeUp recommend.

Product Specifications

Following are some of the more significant features of the Shukaulu skinning knife:

  • For optimum strength, the blade is equipped with high convex grind
  • The blade has exceptional thickness and heavy enough to work like a traditional cleaver.
  • Made from 65 MN carbon steel, the blade is designed for maximum toughness; and coated with black powder for corrosion resistance.
  • The twin fused-injection handle is molded in hard black polypropylene form that has an insert of soft dark green TPE Plastic.
  • Weighing 15.3 ounces, it has an overall length of 9.5 inches.

Why the Shakaulu Is the Best Skinning Knife

The Shakaulu is a very versatile tool designed to perform heavy duty tasks. This tool was developed because of a particular need. After taking down a huge game animal, you will need the appropriate tool for the tasks ahead. The Shakaulu comes in very handy because of its gut hook, a razor-sharp skinning edge that is fully covered, and a handle that makes it possible to use it like a cleaver in separating pelvic bones, and even quarter a huge carcass in the field.

The blade has the qualities of a traditional cleaver – exceptionally thick and heavy enough. It is designed for maximum strength and toughness, as well as to resist corrosion. The handle has an ergonomic design that gives it a secure grip even in cold weather conditions, and while wearing gloves. Whether for skinning or cleaving, this is the ideal tool; just change the grip – the thumb on the thumbhole for skinning, and gripping it by the handle for cleaving. The tool also comes with a heavy duty sheath that has a locking pin. It also has a removable belt clip for easy carry.

The Shakaulu is neither a cutter nor a hatchet, and there should be no confusion about that. It is, in fact, a much more sophisticated tool for skinning. The razor sharp edge is not intended to be used as a hatchet or a cutter. But, if you need to quickly get done on a huge animal before the hyenas get wind, or before the snow comes flurrying down, then this skinning knife is the perfect tool for you.


Skinning knives are a must have for any hunter and a well made skinning knife will last you forever. If you enjoyed this article, check out KnifeUp’s other guides such as the ones on balisong trainers, leathermans, hunting knives, and bowie knives.

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